The Planner is responsible for the review of proposed changes to the use of land as permitted by Provincial policyCounty policy, or Township policy. We administer the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw and assist property owners in their development plans. The duties include reviewing, researching and updating Council on provincial and local planning initiatives, changes in planning policy, managing development applications to alter land use and generally all matters related to land use and development.

Please keep in mind that Township Planning may be affected to a large extent by the policies of the Provincial Government through Provincial Policy Statements (PPS), Niagara Escarpment Plan (NEP), various legislation and regulations. It is also affected by County policy, through the County Official Plan.

Land Use Planning Hierarchy in Ontario

For complex zoning and or severance inquiries, we request that you fill out a request form that you may obtain at the Municipal office by contacting reception or on the forms section of this website.

The Township Bylaw is available for review in the municipal office any time during regular working hours.

The Planner is available to help answer questions or review proposals prior to submission to the Municipal Planner. The Planner can be reached at 519-376-2729 Ext 242.  


Assessment maps are available for viewing during regular office hours, please enquire at reception. These maps are not to be considered 100% accurate as they are not legal surveys.

PRECONSULTATION on applications is required. Please call for an appointment and be prepared to bring applications filled in to the best of your ability, along with clear, legible site plans. That way we can better help Applicants and respond to the request.